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Monroy Information Technology Services provides IT Support services, including computer maintenance and repair, network, and server support, to businesses throughout the greater San Antonio and Hill Country areas, including Boerne and Bandera, TX. We also offer monthly service plans for those clients desiring the peace of mind of on-call IT support without the high cost of in-house IT staff.



As a technology professional, your responsibility is a working IT infrastructure. You know better than anyone all the nuances that get in the way of managing a reliable environment: troubleshooting computer issues; patching systems; securing the network; handling backups; and then there are all the questions from the users. There just isn't enough time in the day to do the work you really should be doing with all of these interruptions. Let us help by managing all of these things that get in your way.
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When you are a business owner or CEO, growing your business is your top priority. You don't have the energy or time to spend on computer updates, viruses, network security, system monitoring or backups. And what about managing the vendors for software licenses, computer warranties and internet service providers? With so much to deal with surrounding your IT systems, how will you have time to focus on your own business services? Let us handle IT for you, because IT is our specialty.
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